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Information for Building Supply Dealers

The home building industry is at the beginning of a transition to fire rated framing materials. Our Protected Wood Group is the leading edge of this transition and forward looking building supply dealers are invited to join our distribution team.

Dealer Requirements: Must be an established building supply dealer with jobsite delivery capability and forklift unloading at the dealer location. Our delivery area is North Georgia, Tennessee, and Kentucky.

Dealer Categories:

  1. Stocking Dealer: carries an inventory of common fire rated products, other items by special order.

  2. Special Order Dealer: orders fire rated products as needed for customers with specified item counts.

Pricing: Wholesale prices change weekly based on the lumber market. Specified item count orders are priced somewhat higher than full bundle counts. We send price list weekly to our registered dealers.

Special Benefits for Stocking Dealers

  • Referrals of customer inquiries in local area.

  • Listing on our website and literature.

  • Promotion of our products in your local area, trade shows, direct contacts with builders, developers, architects, etc.

  • In-store banners and literature displays.

  • We will conduct an annual Fire Safety Seminar at your store with participation by local fire safety officials and elected officials.